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Watch Us Grow!

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This isn’t the end, but you can see it from here. Work has begun on Phase 4, the final phase, of Maples at the Sonatas. I know it’s too soon to get all nostalgic about this. So I will spare you those posts until later in the journey. For now, I’ll just share a visual progress report. Here we are—Maples at the Sonatas—from the air. Three pictures taken from three small airplanes in three different […]

The Turnover

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Tomorrow will be a red-letter day here at Maples at the Sonatas. Actually, make that a red-box day, according to my calendar. But however you highlight it, the day will be significant.     Tomorrow is Turnover Day, the moment when our community takes its next step toward completion. At a meeting tomorrow, our builder, Jamie Wilcox, will officially turn over the homeowners association to us, the homeowners. As is customary with construction, the builder […]

Autumn in Phase 3

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It’s a beautiful fall day in Maples at the Sonatas. I’ve begun posts like this before, and probably will again, because our community is lovely during all of the four seasons. But today is an exceptional, bright, peaceful Sunday. It’s the kind of day that begs for photos to look back on when the winter snows begin to fly. Before you read farther, you may want to take another look at this post from October […]

A Parade of (True) Homes

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A Parade of Homes is not exactly news here at Maples at the Sonatas. It’s a semi-annual event, often drawing a large number of visitors to our community. But our next parade — on Sunday, April 12, from noon to 5 — will offer something unique. This parade will be comprised entirely of real homes. Not empty models, not even furnished models. In fact, it will be a true parade of homes, not houses. Visitors […]

Two Bird’s Eye Views of… Us!

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Here we are—Maples at the Sonatas—from the air. Two pictures taken by two pilots of small airplanes, the photos from different orientations in different years. First, we have this photo, taken by Barb’s son-in-law in 2011, when we were a much smaller community.   And here we are today, in a picture taken by a friend of Tom D, a future homeowner under contract.   Yes, we have grown. But look! There’s still empty space […]