‘Not Even Close to Being Done’ — Cathie’s Update on Her Move

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Earlier this week, I introduced you to Cathie, my soon-to-be neighbor. She shared the complicated story of her preparations to move from Abilene, Texas, to Woodstock. You can find that post here. Today, Cathie updates us on her walk through of her new Portico home and upcoming closing. Again, I’ll let her tell the story herself.


Well, I have some great news and some horrible news.

First, the good news. On Memorial Day my husband and I accepted an offer on our home. One less worry. But as our realtor said, “It’s not done until we’re done. So plan on being out of the house by 30 June, but until closing anything can happen. You’ve got to be flexible.”

Now for the bad news. As planned, I traveled to Illinois the following day for my walk through and closing this week. I was “greeted” at O’Hare with a message from my lender. “Please call…very urgent we speak with you.” Oh no! After convincing myself they probably just needed some additional information from me, I finally gave them a call. “I’m sorry but you will not be closing on Friday.” I couldn’t believe it.

Let me just say… I think it should be a LAW you must receive notice of all closing costs at least one week before you close. That way you know this is a done deal before you get to this point of switching utilities into your name, and you set up TV services, and you’ve confirmed with the movers, etc. Not to mention, you have to get a cashier’s check.

So now what happens?

Well, the lender mentioned something about putting me up in a hotel until closing and something about a storage room. But my mind was back in Abilene, thinking about the fact that we could no longer alter plans in place. My husband has to get back after helping me move to find a place to live and make his own packing out arrangements. I told the lender I had to gather my thoughts and call them back. I spent the rest of the day notifying my husband, realtor, sales rep, and lawyer of the glitch in process.

I went to my walk through on my house. I know I’m biased, but it’s absolutely beautiful. I’m so happy I chose the Maples as my community.

As of now, I’m waiting on the lender to approve one of two plans proposed by my attorney: I sign the loan documents early next week and they overnight them to the title company for eventually closing, or I grant power of attorney to my lawyer and she’ll execute all closing paperwork.

I’m exhausted and we’re not even close to being done, but nothing can stop the US Air Force (or their people…even if they’re retired)!

More to come….

Cathie's Portico is ready and waiting for her.

Cathie’s Portico is ready and waiting for her.

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