Lord, Give Me Strength!

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Today Cathie shares a quick update on her journey from Texas to Woodstock. Finally, the complicated move is about to begin. But that doesn’t mean that the problems have all been solved. Far from it! Here is the latest installment.

I still have no closing date for my new home, but my soon-to-be-ex-husband and I are getting ready for the closing on the home we sold here in Texas. We need to come up with a game plan…we will both be homeless soon.

He hasn’t found a place to live so he rented a storage room, and movers are coming for his things today. This will free him up to drive the U-Haul to Illinois for me, but he has to fly back right away for the closing on our Abilene home.

As for me, movers are coming on Friday to get my things loaded. My husband and I head out for Woodstock Saturday morning. Where will I (and my three dogs) stay when I get there?

No idea!

Will I be able to hang on to the U-haul until my closing date, or will I need to off load everything to a storage room and then pack it all up again when I get a firm closing date?

No idea!

Lord, give me strength!


Meanwhile, in Woodstock, Cathie’s appliances arrived and were installed today. And tomorrow the appraiser arrives for his final visit as things continue inching toward Cathie’s long-awaited closing.appliances

And here is a final thought from Cathie:

Went through worse than this in the military. I’m good to go!

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