To close or not to close … Another Update on Cathie’s Move

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Cathie's Portico is ready and waiting for her.

When I asked Cathie last month if she would be willing to share her moving experiences for this blog, I had no idea what a saga it would become. She certainly didn’t either. Today’s post is part 3 of the story; part 4 will be coming your way in a day or two; and the final chapter has yet to be written. We both thank you for your interest in this story. If you are joining us in the middle of the saga, you will find part 1 here and part 2 here.

Today Cathie begins with a little background so you can better understand her current situation.


You pay a lot of money for a house, and part of the advantage of buying new construction is getting exactly what you want in a home. I had decided to purchase appliances for my new house in Maples at the Sonatas on my own so I could get exactly what I wanted in my kitchen.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to purchase appliances before closing because my lender was adamant about no new lines of credit, no credit card charges, and no withdrawal from my savings account. In fact, they asked me to get cheaper homeowner’s insurance because my debt-income ratio was close, due to still owning a home in Texas. Got it.

Also, I don’t own the new home so I can’t put anything in there yet.

Now, back to the final inspection….

Apparently this is (was) a drastically bad idea. The VA will not guarantee a loan for a home without appliances. Why no one in the process was aware of this requirement is still a mystery to me, but it was an expensive lesson learned.

So, I received another call from the lender telling me to hurry up and buy appliances and get them in the house. I explained I would have to charge them, and they gave me the go-ahead and told me to buy all the appliances…fridge and washer/dryer too…so there would be no question during the next inspection.

The other problem is, since I don’t own the property yet, I had to coordinate with Wilcox Communities to get the appliances installed. Carol Lyons said I just needed to sign a release of liability. So, it’s off to market I go; luckily, I got a good deal on an appliance package.

So, when is my closing date?

The appliances can’t be delivered/installed until June 17. Then I need another “final” final inspection by the VA. The lender needs a week after they get the final inspection report to process paperwork.

And then comes the next zinger. I have to pay another $1500 to lock in my loan rate for another 30 days. Are you kidding me?!

They did give me some good news, though. My attorney is approved as my Power of Attorney to close on my house….whenever we get to that point!


That ends today’s installment, but Cathie would like to leave you on a positive note. Here is how she will begin her next update.

Is buying this house worth all the trouble I’m going through? Absolutely!

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