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This isn’t the end, but you can see it from here. Work has begun on Phase 4, the final phase, of Maples at the Sonatas.

I know it’s too soon to get all nostalgic about this. So I will spare you those posts until later in the journey. For now, I’ll just share a visual progress report.

Here we are—Maples at the Sonatas—from the air. Three pictures taken from three small airplanes in three different years. All of the photos were provided by homeowners.

First, we have this photo, taken by Barb’s son-in-law in 2011.



And here we are in 2014, in a picture taken by a friend of Tom D.



Finally, here is a picture taken this past weekend by our resident photographer Ken.


The empty area in the red box is all the space we have left. If you are hoping to join us, keep this in mind.

It has been an amazing transformation from an empty plot of land to the beautiful community that more than 110 of us now call home.

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