The Times and My Views—They Are a Changin’

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Construction / Growth/Sales

For those of us who live in the midst of it, the rapid growth of Maples at the Sonatas has almost become old news. It takes someone who is here only occasionally to really notice it. I’ve had two groups of visitors in the past two weeks who have reminded me just how much and how quickly our neighborhood is expanding.

First, there was the visit from my brother and sister-in-law, who live in the Denver area. A couple of weeks ago, they made their annual visit. One of the first things they commented on was the new homes. Of course, they have said that the last three years, but this time the growth is more pronounced.

The same thing happened a couple of days ago when my girlfriends, Marylee and Margie, came to spend an afternoon in my bistro sunroom, as they call it. They had last been here in November. We sat out in the veranda sharing our champagne and strawberries—yes, we know how to enjoy retirement—and they too marveled at all the new homes that have sprung up.

That made me curious. Without getting up, I looked out a window and began counting. The numbers surprised even me. I could see parts of 13 homes from where I sat. Only one of them had existed when I moved in in October 2010.

Yes, there has been a lot of construction, but so far none of it has been within mere yards of me. I still have the same view of open land that I’ve always had. Now that is about to change.

Of course, I looked at the map of the community before I signed my contract. I knew that the empty field directly across my driveway would not remain empty. Each time a new Abbey or Canterbury was sold, I wondered if it would be the one that would make Building 3 necessary. This went on for a long time; the construction always ended up elsewhere.

But when the first home in Building 3 sold recently (to a couple I know), I accepted that big-time change was headed my way. I know it sounds silly, but here is my biggest concern: I don’t want to lose entirely my view of Ware Road. I so enjoy watching school buses travel that street. See, I told you it was silly.

But seeing those buses is important. It reminds me to appreciate my life as a retired teacher. If I am left with even a sliver of a view of that road, all will be fine.

It is still very early in the construction process, as you will see in the photos below. I wish I had taken a shot of that empty field when I moved in. The best I could find is this one taken through the blinds of my sun room shortly before I bought.

earliest view

One day last week, this was my view.

changing view

The next day, I took this picture. To my untrained eyes, the lot appears ready for building to begin.

current view

I know that the building permit is on file in our sales office, and I am ready. Let the process begin.

But, please, Jamie. Please, Phil. Just a sliver?

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