Our Antidote to Cabin Fever

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It’s a new month today, but it’s the same old weather. More snow falling. Another cold, sun-deprived day. Slippery surfaces waiting to trick you into falling.

Yes, the winter that began in November — even before the first official day of winter — shows no signs of letting up on us. Most of our days are still the hunkering-down kind that I’ve already described in two posts on this blog.

And yet—

Our neighborhood is busier than ever. I know this sounds unlikely, but I promise it’s true. This morning, with another winter storm warning hanging over our heads and the snow falling briskly, nearly 50 neighbors made their way to the clubhouse for our monthly Coffee and Conversation. I don’t know if they were trying to stave off cabin fever or didn’t want to miss out on the Super Bowl pool, but they were there.

And it’s more than good attendance at our regular social activities. New ones have also sprung up and begun to appear on our monthly neighborhood calendar.

Let me show you just how dramatic the growth in our social life has been. Each month our community newsletter includes a list of upcoming activities. Let’s do a quick comparison-contrast.

Here is the list for November 2012.

nov. 2012A little more than two years later, here is the list for this month.

Feb. 2014

We are blessed with a very hard working social committee of eight dedicated women. They plan and oversee our activities, always being the first there and last to leave. But the residents’ suggestions for new clubs and groups have outpaced the committee’s time and energy. Our three newest activities are all being organized by other volunteers who have seen a need and stepped up to fill it.

Let’s take a quick look at each of them.

coffeeThe Men’s Coffee group first met in January. Twelve guys showed up and must have enjoyed themselves. (I cannot confirm that because women were not invited.) But they stayed two hours and voted to continue meeting. The leaders are Art and Ken.

craftsCrafts with Cathie held its first meeting this week. Despite nasty blowing snow, seven women met to discuss organizational details and to chat about projects. Cathie, the talented leader, knitted the pictured toe cozy for me to wear over my cast.

bibleThe Maples Bible Study group will hold its first meeting Feb. 5 and will meet weekly throughout the month to study Paul’s letter to the Romans. Those organizing the group are Barb, Judi, and Gloria and Ken.

I have no doubt that our list of activities will continue to expand. Each homeowner who joins our neighborhood brings a new set of interests, experiences, and talents. Each helps us to grow as individuals and a community.

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