Cathie ponders… Is it worth all the trouble?

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Cathie expected to have closed, moved, and settled into her new home in Maples at the Sonatas by now. As she explained in yesterday’s post, it’s been a difficult and complicated process that isn’t complete just yet. While she waits in Texas for the final details to come together, here are her thoughts.

Is buying this house worth all the trouble I’m going through? Absolutely!

As Caryl mentioned in the first blog, I found Maples at the Sonatas while researching places to live in McHenry County. I had left Crystal Lake when I joined the Air Force in 1985. It was time to go home to be near family.

My first consideration in home buying was my shih tzus Cocoa, Candie, and Cookie. I needed a house with a fence in the backyard. I also wanted a maintenance-free patio home. It had to be a single-story detached home because I’m a disabled vet and have a bit of problem maneuvering stairs on a daily basis. My search engine brought me to “The Maples,” which is what I’ve come to call my new community.

On February 21, I started corresponding with Carol Lyons (sales rep extraordinaire). Within days, and after several e-mails with Carol daily, I felt I had found the perfect place for me. I “pinned” The Maples on Pinterest and “friended” Maples on Facebook. Facebook led me to Caryl’s blog and after responding to one of her posts, we have become friends.

Their newsletter showed me what was going on in the community, and I read through past issues. I loved the fact that they had a pooch plunge…a very dog-friendly community, and their own Groundhog Day (albeit Oliver the Yorkie). I even purchased the book club’s (then) current reading endeavor, although I must admit I’ve been far too busy to read the book yet. And, I was longing to tag along on their outing to see a play together at the Woodstock Opera House. The Maples is an active little community.

By the end of March, I could wait no longer. I had to see The Maples! It was as if I had already moved there. Carol and I greeted each other like long lost friends. She had the perfect house just sitting there waiting for me. The standard features are pretty much an upgrade in other homes I’ve seen. The Maples is in a perfect setting on the north side of town. The landscaping is beautiful! I signed the contract for my house on… April Fool’s Day! I met my new neighbors (including my friend Caryl) at a Saturday morning social and it really cinched the deal. They’re a lively group of folks, is all I’m going to say for now.

So despite all the trouble I’m going through to get there, I’m still so excited!

I’m coming home… to Maples at the Sonatas.

Cathie's Portico is ready and waiting for her.

Cathie’s Portico is ready and waiting for her.

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