Best of Home Sweet Abbey

It’s funny with blogging… and with life. You go along doing your thing. Then one day, you stop, look back, and suddenly become aware of how much time has passed. I had one of those awareness moments recently.

Each time I publish a post on this blog, I receive a message telling me how many I’ve written. This is your first post, flowed into This is your 50th post, and so on, until last week I was astounded to see This is your 222nd post. How is that possible?

If you are a new reader, you may be wondering where to start. If you’ve read every single post, I love you! But how can you find your way back to the best ones?

With those questions in mind, I have created two Best Of lists. The first is a flat-out popularity contest. The Viewers’ Choice List holds the 10 titles that have received the most views, with the most popular at the top. Note: Yes, I did notice that Jamie outranked me on my own blog. For the second consecutive year.

The second list, The Author’s Choice List, is my own top ten favorites. This list is purely subjective and not ranked in any discernible order. I chose posts that I consider to be examples of my best writing.

The Viewers’ Choice List

Proud Teacher Moment

Catching Up With Jamie Wilcox

About the Author

My Journey Home

Christmas in Woodstock

Art’s Excellent Adventure

A Wonderland of Trains

You Can’t Miss With a Canterbury

Why Woodstock?

A Year Flies By

My Remarks at the Wilcox Conference


The Author’s Choice List

My Journey Home

Proud Teacher Moment

Catching up with Jamie Wilcox

The Top 5 Lessons I’ve Learned at Maples at the Sonatas

Far From the Maddening Crowds

Starry, Starry Night

Memories and Brick Streets

Remembering My Dad, A Would-Be Veteran

A Glass Already Broken

Nighttime at the Maples


So what do you think? Did I include your favorite? If not, feel free to use the comment box below. Thanks for stopping by the page.

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