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Not Too Late

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Holidays / Woodstock

It’s New Years morning. In my imagination, I’m standing on a bridge passing from 2017 to 2018. I can see both from here. It’s a time for reflecting, for planning, for living in the past but dreaming of the future. Beginning a new year, with all of its promise, is always exciting. Yet I have a few regrets about 2017, mostly of opportunities not seized rather than those that I did. It’s too late now to […]

The Happiness Quotient

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Mostly Musings / Neighbors / Woodstock

I was feeling happy that morning as I began another day of retirement. And why not? I had slept until after 8, with no alarm clock or cat waking me up. Sunshine was streaming in my windows. Angie and Shadow kept me company, until they left for their own happy places in the sunroom. I had finished breakfast and was reading my print copy of the Chicago Tribune while I sipped a second mug of […]

A Follow Up on Afternoon Treat

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Just for Fun / Woodstock

My post below, which I titled Afternoon Treat, has been well received. It has been viewed 95 times here on the blog itself and many more times on Facebook. I can’t keep track of the number of views on FB because the post has been shared by many people, some of whom I don’t even know. A few minutes ago, I heard from Jenn, one of the riders in the picture. I thought you might […]

Afternoon Treat

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Just for Fun / Woodstock

So this happened a few days ago. I love living in a place like Woodstock, where country still comes to town occasionally. It doesn’t happen as often now that our population is nearly 25,000. Yes, we are a stop on the commuter train line. But no, we are not a suburb. I hope the riders offered their horses a DQ. Maybe a hay and oats Blizzard?

The Leonardo Hoax

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Just for Fun / Woodstock

Part 1 — in which hopes are dashed and hearts are broken I was scrolling down my Facebook page last week when a headline and photo grabbed my eye. Here’s the article, by The McKenzie Post, that went viral with Woodstock Facebook users the day after the Oscars: Leonardo DiCaprio is Moving to Woodstock, Illinois Located about 50 miles outside of Chicago, Woodstock, Illinois is a peaceful town filled with people who have almost no […]