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Holidays / Social Life

Downsizing. It is one of the most common reasons people give for buying a home in Maples at the Sonatas. Once the children are on their own, many find there is no longer a need for as much living space. And then there is maintenance. Our buyers also come looking for less upkeep, both inside and outside the home. After they settle in, they realize they are living comfortably — luxuriously even — in less […]

Connections, Maples Style

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Holidays / Neighbors / Social Life

There’s no better time of year to celebrate connections than the holiday season. Physical connections, social connections, historical connections—all seem to carry more significance as we approach Christmas. And here at Maples at the Sonatas, we have our share of celebrating to do this year. Physical connections first. Our growing community is now connected in a new way: Our last street, Verdi, has joined Handel and Schumann as officially completed streets. The view, which not […]

Thanksgiving Elegance

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We all know what Thanksgiving is really about—gratitude, family, friends, remembrance. By that definition, the holiday can be celebrated nearly anywhere, in any circumstances. Be it a family home, a restaurant, a dorm room, a homeless shelter, even a Las Vegas hotel. It matters little whether it’s a fancy spread or fast food. It’s about the intangibles. But if you ever, just once, long for an elegant dinner, prepared by someone else, in a beautifully […]

Father’s Day Without Dad

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Holidays / Mostly Musings

This is the 21st Father’s Day I’ll spend without my dad. I haven’t done the math for quite a while. The number of years has sneaked up on me. But no matter how many third Sundays in June remain in my lifetime, I’m sure I will still feel that punch in the gut when I remember that he is gone. Physically gone. The photo below is the oldest I can find of the two of […]

Happy May!

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Holidays / Nature

I wanted to wish you a Happy May Day yesterday, but Mother Nature wasn’t cooperating. And what’s May Day without some flower pictures? With an entire weekend of fog, rain, and wind, with a little thunder thrown in, I couldn’t get the photos of Connie’s tulips that I wanted. But this morning the sun returned to lift our spirits and brighten our lives. So, though it’s too late for May Day, it’s not for the […]