The Fine Art of Hunkering Down

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By now, you may have seen this morning’s ugly numbers in Woodstock, IL:

temperature -18

wind chill -43

Today we have no school, no public library, no garbage pickup, no shopping in my favorite stores.

And at Maples at the Sonatas: no Wilcox staff, no construction workers, no potential buyers. Almost no people or vehicles to be seen outside.

I’ve lost track of how much snow we have on the ground because it has fallen so often. Here’s a clue, a picture of Mt. 2.5, named for its location between Buildings 2 and 3. It’s nothing special, though. Everyone has similar mountains. I’m sorry that this is not the best photo. I refused to leave the shelter of my garage to snap it.

Mt. 2.5

Yes, it’s definitely a good day to hunker down. For those unfamiliar with the process, allow me to explain. I speak from 33 years’ experience as a teacher who enjoyed snow days even more than the kids did.

The key to hunkering down is starting slowly and then backing off. Here it is, late morning, and my list of accomplishments reads like this: I got up, put on sweats over my Cuddl Duds, did cat chores, had breakfast and coffee while reading two newspapers, and emptied the dishwasher. That’s it, but it looks like a lot as I type it. I’d better slow it down for the rest of the day.

I’ll have leftover soup for lunch and leftovers from yesterday’s turkey feast for dinner. This afternoon, I’ll catch up on my reading, probably like many of my friends in book club.

Later I’ll call my cleaning lady to see if she is going to make it tomorrow morning. That is doubtful, but I’ll put off doing the job myself just in case she says she’s coming.

Instead, I’ll devote a fair amount of time to social media, email, and texting with my brother in Colorado, where it is a balmy +2 degrees this morning. He promises it’s heading our way.

If and when they wake up, I’ll play with my cats. But so far, here is how they are spending their day.

angie sleepingIf Angie ever gets up, I’ll make my bed.

shadow sleeping

Shadow has figured out that, with the bright sunshine, it’s nice in our sun room. I think I’ll grab my book and iPad and join her.

After my busy day, I’ll take it easier this evening, sit in front of my fireplace, and watch a little TV. Maybe the weather forecast will be better for tomorrow. But maybe not. As of now, our wind chill warning runs until noon tomorrow.

If that proves to be accurate, one more day of hunkering down may be in order. Sounds good to me.

Stay warm and stay safe, everyone.


  1. Ollie says

    My Cozy Canterbury is hunkered down too. Boxing up and putting away my Christmas decor (except for my outside lights) and trying to remember where I put the “stuff” I put away so the Cmas stuff had a place to alight. I love your columns, neighbor. O


  2. Global Toss-up says

    Your image of “hunkering down” spoke to me today — as I am tending my own hearth fire on my blog, and trying to keep warm!


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