Afternoon Treat

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Just for Fun / Woodstock

So this happened a few days ago.

I love living in a place like Woodstock, where country still comes to town occasionally. It doesn’t happen as often now that our population is nearly 25,000. Yes, we are a stop on the commuter train line. But no, we are not a suburb.

I hope the riders offered their horses a DQ. Maybe a hay and oats Blizzard?


  1. Jenn says

    I love this picture! This was me and my friends! I didn’t feel like driving so I thought I would take my horse! It was a beautiful day! A lot of people stopped to pet the horses. I love to see the smiles on people’s faces when seeing horses on the street. We made a little girls day that day as well. Thanks for sharing! The ice cream was well needed!


  2. Thank you for getting in touch, Jenn. I love the picture, too, and I’m trying to find out who took it so I can him/her credit. The photo has received quite a lot of interest both here and on FB. It really appeals to people who grew up in Woodstock or lived here during a simpler time. Best wishes to you, your friends, and your horses!


  3. Kim Liedberg says

    This is so awesome to see!!! Brings back such wonderful memories for me!! I use to ride my horse Rhama to the Dairy Queen as well back in the 80’s! Also around the square to eat at Angelo’s diner!


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