Groundhog Day in Woodstock

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willie cuGroundhog Day greetings from snowy Woodstock!

Yes, that’s right. I’m in Woodstock, not Columbus. After receiving a foot and a half of wind-driven snow yesterday, I shouldn’t have been surprised to get a text this morning informing me that my flight was canceled. Disappointed, yes, but surprised, no.

But do not worry. This post will have a happy ending. Before we get to that, let me show you just how snowy it is here.

snow piles

photo by Tricia

A whole lot of snow had to be moved off our town square so that 200 brave souls could show up at a frigid 7 am for the groundhog’s prognostication. And what was Woodstock Willie’s forecast?

Woodstock Groundhog Days photo

Woodstock Groundhog Days photo

Wouldn’t you know it? The sun came out and he saw his shadow. Six more weeks of winter, that’s what he said.

Meanwhile, at Home Sweet Abbey, I found one good thing about the snowfall. It’s beautiful! See how artistically it decorated my neighbor’s rooftop?

snow sculptureAnd I had to laugh as I watched Shadow watch the Bobcat clearing our driveway. She’s probably wondering why that machine has the word cat in its name. Our community owes a huge thank you to Langton Landscaping and the city of Woodstock for moving a ton of snow out of our way.

shadow bobcat

Now for the happy news… The people at the Epcon conference have agreed to let me accept my plaque at a luncheon on Wednesday. So I have another chance to get there after all. Thanks to Ember for arranging the re-do.


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