Maples Resident Participates in Area’s Largest Craft Show

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Neighbors / Woodstock

This is arguably the busiest weekend that Woodstock will see all year. Orson Welles, who began his career here, is being honored in the 80th anniversary of the Todd Theater Festival at the Woodstock Opera House.

Both of our local high schools held their graduation ceremonies. Girls on the Run sponsored a race. There was a motorcycle rally this morning.

That would be more than enough for one weekend. But none of these is the biggest event. In fact, the total attendance of all of the above happenings will not equal that of our largest one — the 46th annual Fair Diddley craft show, which is taking place on our town square today. With the picture perfect weather, it should easily draw the 10,000 or so visitors who have come in years past.

Here are a few photos I took earlier this afternoon. Doesn’t the Square look lovely?

FD square

FD ground view2FD ground viewFD OH


Fair Diddley is always a lot of fun, if the weather cooperates, and I rarely miss it. But this year I had a special reason to go. My neighbor, Russ Johnson, is one of the artists accepted into this juried show. Here is his booth:

Russ booth


Russ’s daughter, Laurie, is helping him.


Below, Russ speaks with two customers. One of them, Joanne, is a photographer who helped me out by taking photos of some of his artwork. Her companion, Larry, is a former student of mine.

Russ customers


Photography by Joanne

Photography by Joanne


Photography by Joanne

Photography by Joanne

And here’s one that I took. This will be my Christmas card for 2014.

Russ cards If you would like to contact Russ Johnson about his artwork, you can reach him at

I couldn’t end this post without sharing one more Fair Diddley photo. Readers in the Chicago area will understand.






  1. Troy W. McDonald says

    We have had Russ do three different sketches in the past for us on different homes. We have been extremely impressed over all on his abilities for capturing our homes so beautifully. The drawings being so accurate, are what we are most impressed with. We would highly recommend Russ Johnson on is talent too achieve a wonderful sketch, for anyone seeking a fantastic keep sake. Troy& Brenda McDonald


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