Final Construction Update for Building 3

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It’s a gloomy, rainy Halloween here at Maples at the Sonatas. But the weather isn’t likely to dampen the spirits of the two couples who are closing on their new homes in Building 3 today. That’s right. A Canterbury and an Abbey are finished and ready to welcome their owners. The other two homes will be done in about two weeks.

Here are some of the finishing steps that have been completed in the last few days.

Driveways have gone in.


A couple of trees had to be moved to other locations.

moving tree

Little things I barely think about had to be done. Gutters are important. House numbers are helpful. Blinds are good. Other than some sod, this looks like a finished home to me.


And it’s a good thing. See the truck in our parking lot? It’s waiting for a new set of owners to return from their closing and start moving in.


It’s been fun documenting the construction of this building. And I’ve learned a lot while doing it. If you’d like to review the process, here are my posts in time order: on June 22, on Aug. 19, on Sept. 3, on Oct. 20, and this one. Some day I might get ambitious and compile a slideshow of all of the photos.

So what’s next? If I miss the construction activity, I can easily find more of it. From where I’m sitting, I can look out my window and see the site of Building 7, the next quad to be built. Or I can look across the street from it and see a Promenade with a bonus suite that is going up. Or I can walk a short distance and find all kinds of building in all of the stages.

After all, we are just a little more than halfway built out. There’s still a lot more excitement to come!

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