Construction Update

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I’ve fallen behind on my updates on the construction of Building 3, a quad being built next door to me. It’s not that I’ve lost interest. It’s more because so much of the action has moved inside.

From watching the contractors’ vehicles, I know a lot has been going on in there. I’ve spotted electricians, plumbers, gas company workers, HVAC men, dry wallers, painters, and, of course, building inspectors from the city. And I sure I’m leaving someone off this list. Like the fireplace guy.

For a while, I could keep up with the progress by walking through the building after the workers left for the day. I often ran into other curious neighbors doing the same thing, and none more interested than Jane. She and her husband are counting the days until they can move from their rental Villa, just three doors away, into their new Abbey. But once the garage doors and temporary front doors were installed, we were locked out.

To try to catch you up, here are three outside shots taken since my previous update. In this one, note the building has been wrapped, the windows have gone in, and the roofers are working.


And here, garage doors are installed, and a lot of trim work has been done. The siding covering the Tyvek homewrap is making it look more like a real home.


In this final shot, taken yesterday, you see the stone work going up. My cat and I enjoyed watching this worker fit the pieces into place, almost like he was doing a jigsaw puzzle.


Soon, three couples and a mother-daughter pair will be calling Building 3 home. And soon, my closeup view of home construction will be ending.

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