Monday Morning Madness

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There was nothing I wanted to do more this morning than stay home and watch the show. So I made a couple of calls to rearrange my schedule, grabbed a cup of coffee and my camera, and settled in my sun room. Construction of Building 3, a quad across the driveway from me, shifted into high gear this morning and stayed there for several hours.

Come on in and join me. Prepare to learn a little about the fine art of constructing a foundation. A special welcome to the owners of the homes in Building 3. Yes, the Abbey and three Canterburys are all sold already. Carol and Kathy saw to that.


By the time this truck arrived shortly after 7 am, the action had already begun.

cement truck

But before we get to today’s action…

let’s backtrack to some steps that preceded it. In the photo below, concrete for the walls is being poured.

pouring walls

Plumbing and electrical work came next.


Sewer pipes were laid and connected to the existing sewer line. This step required some big time digging.

sewer line

Today’s action

In the photo below, I was trying to get artistic.


Workers were installing these sheets of foam insulation to create a protective thermal barrier. (I read that last part on the sheets themselves.)


Then the truck shown at the beginning of this post began shooting pea gravel to create a base for the concrete slab to come.


It’s not every day that you see a gravel geyser. A number of neighbors stopped to watch as they walked or biked by. My neighbor Dee, and Joel, whose crew was doing landscaping for Dee, watched the action from her patio.

Dee & JoelThe next step, covering the foundation area with plastic, came after lunch. As I write this, work has paused, waiting for a city building inspector to give the OK to continue. I’m expecting the concrete trucks will be back, just in time to entertain me during breakfast tomorrow.

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