The Big Frame-Up

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It’s time for a construction update. Today I’d like to check in with another progress report on Building 3, the quad going up next door to me.

The past week has been all about framing. In a sense, this step is the opposite of the foundation stage, which took a long time with not that much dramatic progress. Framing, on the other hand, is relatively fast and visually exciting.

Here is a photo from a few days ago, part way through the framing.

framingToday was my all-time favorite day in the construction process. The crane came to lift the roof trusses into place. Shortly after 7 a.m., this was my view.

early viewHere is a closer look at the work going on.

truss closeupThe crane reaches high enough into the air that it is visible from our entire community, as well as streets surrounding us. This process always draws a lot of interest from passersby. Among those who came to watch were my neighbors, Glenn and Shirley, and their granddaughters, all of whom posed for a picture.

Glenn & ShirleyIn an earlier post, I described the setting of trusses in more detail. If you’d like to see those photos again, you will find them here.

Let’s end with this brief, amateur video of the crane lifting one truss into place this morning. I am still amazed by the skill of the crane operator and the workers.


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