A Maples Halloween

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Social Life

It was frightful. It was delightful. It was chilling. Well, make that chili.  It was our Maples Halloween Chili Fest.

It featured 12 different kinds of homemade chili. It featured 31 homeowners and four almost-owners who will close, appropriately, on Halloween. It featured costumes ranging from the gruesome to the ridiculous, with a lot of spooky creativity on display.

It was fun, Maples style.

And speaking of the Maples, check out these most appropriate costumes. First we have Jane and Bob, who came as The Maples.


And Sharon, who came as The Maples website!


Sharon also won the prize for the best chili. What’s that? You say you’d like some dessert with that chili? Here she is with Roy, aka, pumpkin pie.


There was stiff competition for the prize for best costume, but our frequent travelers, Shirley and Glenn, came out on top with their portrayal of the Tacky Travelers.


To give you an idea of the high level of competition, here is a collage of some of the other costumes. If you would like a larger view of any, click on the picture.

A big thanks to our very hard-working social committee for giving us a delightful evening. Here’s their leader, Sylvia, demonstrating how to eat chili while balancing on one leg. Well, really, she just wants to be sure you notice her shoes.


Don’t ask. It’s a Maples thing!

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