Month: June 2013


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One of my younger Facebook friends just pointed out an error in my title for the picture below. The sign in the sky would formerly have been known as a tic-tac-toe. But in today’s culture, it is a hashtag. I seem to be showing my age! #seniormoment #overthehill #seniorstryingtousetechnology

Sunday in the Sales Office with Carol

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At 11:30 yesterday morning, I am getting ready to help Carol in the sales office, filling in for her assistant, Kathy, who is on vacation. I have done this before, and Sunday’s hours are only noon to 5. This’ll be easy, I tell my cat Angie. But then I look out a window and see there is already a car in the parking lot. Without taking time to change into more professional clothing, I hurry […]

The Times and My Views—They Are a Changin’

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Construction / Growth/Sales

For those of us who live in the midst of it, the rapid growth of Maples at the Sonatas has almost become old news. It takes someone who is here only occasionally to really notice it. I’ve had two groups of visitors in the past two weeks who have reminded me just how much and how quickly our neighborhood is expanding. First, there was the visit from my brother and sister-in-law, who live in the […]