Connections, Maples Style

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Holidays / Neighbors / Social Life

There’s no better time of year to celebrate connections than the holiday season. Physical connections, social connections, historical connections—all seem to carry more significance as we approach Christmas. And here at Maples at the Sonatas, we have our share of celebrating to do this year.

Physical connections first.

Our growing community is now connected in a new way: Our last street, Verdi, has joined Handel and Schumann as officially completed streets. The view, which not too long ago was this…


… is now this. (except for a lot of snow)


Social connections continue to grow.

Our hard-working social committee plans events to entertain us as well as to draw new residents into the group. Recently we have decorated our clubhouse, experienced our first paint ‘n’ sip, dined and shopped at Ladies Night Out on the Square, and welcomed the Woodstock North High School madrigal singers to perform. Below are just a few of the many photos Julie took at these events.


Historical connections matter too.

Here at the Maples, we are fortunate to be a new community within the confines of the historical town of Woodstock. Christmas lights draw us to visit our town square.


photo courtesy of Real Woodstock

And once there, we are reminded of our history. Our soon-to-be neighbor, Ken, took this shot of a more peaceful Square on Sunday.


This morning the Woodstock Public Library shared this 1860s photo of the Square.


It’s a lovely time of year to visit the Maples and Woodstock. Why not come and connect with us?

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