Thank You, Epcon

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Awards/recognitions / Wilcox People

All I can say is, it must be human nature. When I fear I have lost something, it suddenly becomes even more precious.

That thought lingered in my mind Wednesday morning, when my plane landed in Columbus. I was two days late for the Epcon awards dinner where I was to have received my Lifestyle Ambassador Award. But Ember rescued me yet again, and the folks in charge of the event graciously agreed to let me accept my plaque at a luncheon on the last day of the conference.

And, as is often the case, the do-over was even sweeter than the original might have been. Once my plane landed and I knew I wouldn’t miss my second chance, I no longer cared that a blizzard had made havoc of my travel plans—that I had rescheduled flights more than once, that I had called the limo company so often that the dispatcher and I were on a first-name basis, that I had twice packed the suitcase that I would end up leaving behind because it had turned into a one-day trip.

On arriving at the conference, I found the three people that I knew—Jamie, Ember, and Patrick—and remembered that I was among friends. The Epcon people and the other conference participants made me feel welcome, too.

Before I knew it, the owners and founders of Epcon were on the stage introducing me. I went up, shook hands with them, and told both what an honor it was to meet them. They remained on stage with me while I gave the remarks that I had put together three days earlier, uncertain whether I would ever have a chance to say them.

me speaking at Epcon

From left, they are Ed Bacome and Phil Fankhauser, owners, and, off to the right, staff member Chris, who immediately made me feel at home. (Photo by Ember)

I had only three note cards, but still managed to get them out of order. Looking back, it didn’t matter because I was speaking from the heart anyway. I so appreciated the opportunity to thank those responsible for my home—Epcon, for designing it; Wilcox for building it and overseeing our community; and my neighbors, with whom I am sharing the adventure of creating a new community.

I don’t remember everything I said. The next thing I knew, the speech was over. I was a little disappointed it had gone so quickly, but mostly I was relieved.

The next thing I remember is asking for a picture with Jamie and Jonathan Wilcox, owners of Wilcox Communities.


Photo by Ember.

I wish I had asked for a similar picture with Phil and Ed, but I didn’t think of it until it was too late. After sitting in on a couple of presentations, it was time to head back to the airport.

Since I have been home, the celebration has continued. First, I sought out Ollie who, more than anyone else, could share my excitement. We enjoyed this while I filled her in.


Then at our coffee yesterday, I asked for a picture with the other Epcon winners from the community—Ollie and Carol Lyons, our sales consultant. Carol has three Epcon awards, more than she could hold, so Ollie helped.

Photo by Shirley.

Photo by Shirley.

I am very proud to live in a community that is able to put together a display like this.


Thank you, again, Epcon.

And just so you know… We are only about 2/3 built out. We may be back!


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