Month: February 2015

Light from the East

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Home Elements/Decorating

After two years of blogging, I should have covered all of the unique qualities of my home. But just when I think I have, I discover, or rediscovery, another way my Abbey pleases me. This one is found in my favorite room, the sun room, or veranda. And it’s another delightful little surprise in the amazing design of the Abbey. It’s a fact, of course, that Abbeys are attached homes, almost always found in quads […]


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Just for Fun / Nature / Uncategorized

It’s that kind of morning here at Maples at the Sonatas in balmy Woodstock, Illinois. But, all things considered, I have little to complain about. Much of the country is having a more brutal February than we are. And in Illinois, we know how to deal with this weather. Yes, it’s a double Cuddl Duds® day. And, since my desk is right up against an exterior wall, I have a space heater aimed at my […]

Thank You, Epcon

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Awards/recognitions / Wilcox People

All I can say is, it must be human nature. When I fear I have lost something, it suddenly becomes even more precious. That thought lingered in my mind Wednesday morning, when my plane landed in Columbus. I was two days late for the Epcon awards dinner where I was to have received my Lifestyle Ambassador Award. But Ember rescued me yet again, and the folks in charge of the event graciously agreed to let […]

Groundhog Day in Woodstock

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Awards/recognitions / Holidays / Nature / Woodstock

Groundhog Day greetings from snowy Woodstock! Yes, that’s right. I’m in Woodstock, not Columbus. After receiving a foot and a half of wind-driven snow yesterday, I shouldn’t have been surprised to get a text this morning informing me that my flight was canceled. Disappointed, yes, but surprised, no. But do not worry. This post will have a happy ending. Before we get to that, let me show you just how snowy it is here. A […]

The Curse of the Groundhog

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Awards/recognitions / Nature / Woodstock

I shouldn’t be surprised. This is just the kind of thing that happens in Woodstock, Ill., on Groundhog weekend. Perhaps you already know that the movie Groundhog Day was filmed almost entirely in our town in 1992. I have already written a post with more detail about how that happened. You will find if here if you’d like to read more. Much like Bill Murray’s character in the film, I woke up today feeling […]