Month: July 2013

Pop Quiz

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OK, class, get your number 2 pencils ready. And no fair using your phone to look up information. Question #1: What is the structure pictured from two angles below? Yes, this might seem like a trick question. The architecture is certainly recognizable. But the pieces don’t fit together in a way that we are used to seeing them. It can’t be a standalone home. It isn’t a quad either. So what is it? Answer: It’s […]

A Peaceful, Easy Kind of Growth

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Neighbors / Social Life

Most of us here at Maples at the Sonatas would not use adjectives like peaceful and easy to describe our neighborhood this summer. When we hear the word growth, we think of sales and construction and closings—all of which have been fast and furious. But quietly, unobtrusively, another kind of growth is happening. This is the sweet, silent, delicious growth of plants in our community garden. Located near our parking lot—and directly across the street […]

Beating the Heat, Day 4

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If the forecast is right, today will be our hottest day yet…but also the last before a break from the 90s. With this is mind, I’ve saved my heat-beating big guns for this moment. Remember back to February 2011. It was my first winter here at Maples at the Sonatas—a memorable one that delivered our third biggest snowstorm ever. It was known as the Groundhog Day Blizzard, and, to use Groundhog Day lingo, it was […]

Beating the Heat, Day 3

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When it’s 91 degrees before noon, you know the afternoon is going to be another scorcher. So my heat-beater for today is the simplest of all. Stay inside in the air conditioning whenever possible. That’s what I’m doing, and my cat Angie loves having me home with her. I sat down with a tall glass of ice water and The Tribune this morning, ready to take it easy. But I had neglected to put my […]