Beating the Heat, Day 3

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When it’s 91 degrees before noon, you know the afternoon is going to be another scorcher. So my heat-beater for today is the simplest of all. Stay inside in the air conditioning whenever possible. That’s what I’m doing, and my cat Angie loves having me home with her.

I sat down with a tall glass of ice water and The Tribune this morning, ready to take it easy. But I had neglected to put my cell phone within reach, so when it rang I had to get up. Within a second, there was Angie, hydrating with MY water.

angie drinking

As soon as I finished my call, I put a couple of ice cubes in her water bowl. But no, she still preferred mine. So I got her a glass of ice water identical to mine. Good. She liked it.

But she still liked mine too. It was back and forth for a while, her with two glasses, me with none. At this point, you may be able to guess how this story ends. That’s right. I will be running the dishwasher this evening. And I’m drinking ice tea, which the cat doesn’t like.

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  1. Judi Koeller says

    Your Angie looks so much like our cat, Tigger. He was a special kitty we had for years. I am enjoying re-reading all your blog entries now that we’ve moved in!


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