Month: June 2016

A Follow Up on Afternoon Treat

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Just for Fun / Woodstock

My post below, which I titled Afternoon Treat, has been well received. It has been viewed 95 times here on the blog itself and many more times on Facebook. I can’t keep track of the number of views on FB because the post has been shared by many people, some of whom I don’t even know. A few minutes ago, I heard from Jenn, one of the riders in the picture. I thought you might […]

Afternoon Treat

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Just for Fun / Woodstock

So this happened a few days ago. I love living in a place like Woodstock, where country still comes to town occasionally. It doesn’t happen as often now that our population is nearly 25,000. Yes, we are a stop on the commuter train line. But no, we are not a suburb. I hope the riders offered their horses a DQ. Maybe a hay and oats Blizzard?

Father’s Day Without Dad

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Holidays / Mostly Musings

This is the 21st Father’s Day I’ll spend without my dad. I haven’t done the math for quite a while. The number of years has sneaked up on me. But no matter how many third Sundays in June remain in my lifetime, I’m sure I will still feel that punch in the gut when I remember that he is gone. Physically gone. The photo below is the oldest I can find of the two of […]

What Room Does Fear Have?

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Mostly Musings

You have a way with words. Occasionally, someone will tell me this. And, of course, I love hearing it. But today it just doesn’t ring true. I can’t find my words. What could I possibly say about the nightmare that is Orlando this weekend? I can’t explain what is happening to our country. I don’t have the words to soften our sorrow and fear over it. I wish we could turn to our political leaders for direction, […]

Caryl Dierksen: A retired teacher gives lessons in happy living


Note: Thank you to Epcon Communities for posting this homeowner profile of me on their blog. Special thanks to franchise marketing manager Rob Krohn, for believing someone might want to read about me, and to Sue Publicover, who wrote the article. They make me sound better than I am!   Retired English teacher discovered a new life when she moved to Maples at Sonata, an Epcon community in Woodstock, Illinois. Source: Caryl Dierksen: A retired […]