It’s March. Give Us a Break.

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This time the weather forecast was right on. A winter weather advisory posted yesterday was amazingly accurate. Unfortunately.

The sleet hitting my bedroom windows was loud enough to wake me just after 6. I peeked through the blinds to see that 3″ of snow had fallen during the night. The sleet continued off and on — mostly on — for an hour.

No yoga class for me this morning, I said to my cats.


It’s a great morning to read online newspapers, because my print editions haven’t arrived yet at 10.

It’s a great morning to live in an Epcon/Wilcox community, where someone else clears the snow.


It’s a great morning to be retired, to have a choice about whether you will venture outside. I admire my hardy neighbors who do.

Jane took advantage of (what I hope will be) the last chance for cross country skiing this season.

Janeskiing And even before the snow crew arrived, Bill was making his usual morning trek to work out in our exercise room.


I’ll leave the great outdoors to them until it’s a little more welcoming. And that can’t be soon enough.

Come on, already. It’s March.

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