The Palazzo, Second to None

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For me, the Palazzo will always be the model that got away. It’s the home I could have had, maybe would have had, except…

Except, when I began looking at Epcon homes in 2007, I had no idea that a cute, cozy stand-alone home called a Palazzo would one day be available.

The Abbey was my first love. From the moment I walked in, I knew it was meant for me. Everything about it felt like home. But then…

Then, three years went by, and I was still looking at homes. I paid another visit to Maples at the Sonatas, walked down the street with Jon, and walked through the Palazzo. And I felt torn. I loved it too. It also felt like home.

But I made the logical decision and chose the Abbey. Its incentives made it quite a bit less expensive, despite being larger. I liked its location better. I preferred the separation of the bedrooms.

I have never regretted my decision. This blog makes that abundantly clear. But, kind of like a lost love, I have never forgotten the Palazzo. The one I almost chose was purchased by former students of mine; another was built and sold. Now we have a third Palazzo that is currently a furnished model.

I find myself drawn down the street and letting myself in. Not every day or every week, but often enough. Every time I step in the front door, I remember why it appealed to me. I walk slowly through each room. And I sigh a lot.

I did that again today, this time with my camera. Here are some of the photos I took. I’m not sure they will do the home justice, but perhaps you’ll catch a few glimpses of its appeal for me.

Pal living roomPal sunroomPal from doorPal dining areaPal courtyard1

And here are a few special touches that I especially like:

I like this desk area to the side of the kitchen. It would be great having my computer here in the center of the home.

Pal desk

I like having access to the courtyard from the master bedroom, as well as the living area.

Pal master

I like having a cooler place in the courtyard, with both a roof for shade and a fan too.

Pal courtyard2

And I like this niche in the hall connecting the two bedrooms and baths. As for what I would put in it, that would require a shopping trip!

Pal niche

Take it from me. This home is going to make its future owner(s) very, very happy.


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