So Long, Steve

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Yesterday we said good-by to a good neighbor who didn’t happen to live here.steve

Steve Downey worked as assistant superintendent at Maples at the Sonatas for three years, which means he was here longer than more than half of our homeowners. With 43 years experience in construction, he knew every step of the process of building a home. He also knew how to install and repair just about anything in a home. He was a talented craftsman as well.

Steve cared about this community and its people as much as anyone who owns a home here. He and I shared a vision of a group of neighbors living peaceably together, enjoying their homes, their retirements, and each other’s company.

Yesterday morning, grateful homeowners filled our clubhouse to thank Steve and wish him good luck with his new job in Columbus, Ohio. He will be greatly missed.

Steve wanted to share some final thoughts with us but wasn’t sure he could contain his emotions while doing so. That’s why he asked me to read his letter to the community.

Here he is, listening to it, with his coworker, Kathy. At the left edge of the photo, you see Sylvia’s arm while she records the moment in video.


photo by Steve D’Amico

The video runs just under six minutes. Please check out the link below:

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