Month: May 2014

A Weekend Transformation

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Home Elements/Decorating

Please excuse the pun. Or, groan if you must. But I am absolutely floored by the change in my Abbey over the past four days. What a difference a change of flooring can make. At mid-afternoon Friday, all of my home, except for the kitchen and bathrooms, was carpeted. By mid-afternoon Monday, my sunroom, living room, and dining area were all transformed by beautiful bamboo floors. The multi-talented Steve Downey gave up his three-day weekend […]

Shadow in the Window

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Shadow moved in with my other cat, Angie, and me in early December. We were already well into a long, fierce winter. In her previous home in assisted living, with my mom, the windows were never open. Jump ahead to this week. Two days ago, the window washers came. Yesterday, I put the screens in and opened the windows of my Abbey for the first time in months. Angie and I spent a lot of […]

Maples Resident Participates in Area’s Largest Craft Show

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Neighbors / Woodstock

This is arguably the busiest weekend that Woodstock will see all year. Orson Welles, who began his career here, is being honored in the 80th anniversary of the Todd Theater Festival at the Woodstock Opera House. Both of our local high schools held their graduation ceremonies. Girls on the Run sponsored a race. There was a motorcycle rally this morning. That would be more than enough for one weekend. But none of these is the […]

Happy Mother’s Day

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Mostly Musings

The question that he frames in all but words Is what to make of a diminished thing. –from The Oven Bird by Robert Frost The majority of my friends no longer have a living mother to celebrate with today. I know that. I am grateful that Mom is alive at 93 and that she was able to spend a few hours with me this afternoon. But— Mom was diagnosed with mild dementia about seven years […]

Conversation and Coffee

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Neighbors / Social Life

I’m probably like most Wilcox homeowners. The first social event I attended in my new community was Coffee & Conversation. Back in those simpler times, our monthly Saturday morning get-together in the clubhouse was one of the few organized activities. Pretty much everyone went. In the past four years, we have grown from 20 or so residents to nearly 100. Along the way, we have added lots of social activities. Now there are so many […]