A Year Flies By…

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A year ago tomorrow, on February 9, 2013, I took a deep breath, and another, crossed my fingers and toes, and then clicked on the Publish button that launched this blog.

Home Sweet Abbey went live with my first post, My Journey Home, and a short About the Author article. I had drafts of two more posts ready to go and a list of perhaps 7 or 8 ideas to draw on beyond that. I was going on faith that other topics would come to me as I needed them.

And so they did. This post is #109.

I had some goals when I began. I didn’t even know if they were modest or ambitious ones. My first goal was to continue the blog for at least a year. I had also hoped to post on average twice a week, which I have. I had hoped for 10,000 views the first year. I missed that mark, with 9,307 views as of a few minutes ago. Probably my most ambitious goal was for my blog to convince someone to buy a home here. I’m still waiting for that to happen too.

Six months ago, I wrote about how my vague wish to explore a different type of writing turned into a published blog. If you would like to know more of the story behind my blog, take a look at Half an Anniversary.

When I began, I broke a cardinal rule of writing, one that I insisted my former English students follow. The writer must know who his or her audience is. And I have to admit, I still break that rule every time I write.

At first, I thought I was writing for people who wanted to know what it’s like to live in my home in Maples at the Sonatas. And from comments I’ve received, I do have  readers who fit that profile. But I have a lot more who already know what it’s like because they are my neighbors or future neighbors.

I also have readers who have no intention of ever living here. They are my personal friends, Facebook friends, or others who had read my work in The Woodstock Independent or my novel and followed me to this blog.

To all of you, whether you fit one of these categories or not, thank you for your interest. Thank you for your encouragement and comments. Thank you for suggesting topics, giving me photos, and letting me write about you.

I’m having too much fun to quit now. I’m signing on for another year.

With sincere thanks from Home Sweet Abbey.



  1. Carol Lyons says

    You better never leave, we have our Boots Tour tomorrow and hope to be busy, we had our first sale today of the Palazzo model!!! More to come and Columbus is right around the corner!!

    Thanks for all that you do for us!!!!!!!!!!!!


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