Half an Anniversary

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Last Friday, my blog reached its six-month milestone. On Feb. 9, Home Sweet Abbey debuted with a post titled, “My Journey Home.” In it, I told how I spent three years casually, sporadically, looking at homes here at Maples at the Sonatas. It took me that long to work up my courage to make the commitment. Once I did, I spent less than two weeks making my purchase.

That same “delay-delay-delay-hurry up” pattern must be a habit with me. The history of this blog follows a similar timetable. In September 2011, I attended a Chicago Tribune seminar called “Creating Your Own Blog.” I left the class inspired. I would go right home and begin working on a homeowner’s blog.

But it took 13 months before I sat down to write a rough draft of my first post. Then, another four months passed before I would let anyone read it. Did I really spend almost a year and a half polishing one article of 670 words? Of course not. I do love revision, but not that much.

I spent most of that time working up the courage to pitch my idea to Wilcox Communities. I believed then—and I still do—that without their backing, I wouldn’t attract enough readers to make the blog viable.

So I set about writing three sample posts and polishing them the best I could. Finally, there was nothing left to do but take a deep breath and go for it. I emailed my three posts to Ember, marketing manager for Wilcox Communities, and asked if she would or could use my homeowner’s blog somehow. And…….

Ember said YES, she liked my posts. YES, she would help me set up my blog. YES, she would incorporate it into their marketing program. “We are excited about it,” she said. We meant someone else liked my idea too!

Six months worth of thanks

I have never enjoyed a writing project as much as this blog. I remain as devoted to it as I was six months ago.

I’d like to thank everyone who has taken time to read Home Sweet Abbey. Thank you to my neighbors, who let me interview and photograph them, who give me photos they have taken, and who suggest topics. Thanks, also, to those who have made positive comments about the blog, either to me personally or online.

Thank you to Jamie Wilcox. When he allowed me to write about him, and then his corporate office, he gave my blog a legitimacy that it was lacking.

Thank you to Sylvia, who clarified for me what I need to do. She said that I take little, ordinary happenings and turn them into posts. Once she put it in words, I understood that is exactly how I come up with ideas. I write little slices of life, Maples style.

And why not? Life is great here in Home Sweet Abbey.


  1. Jan D says

    Caryl, when you write about something that you love the love translates to others. I’ve loved your blogs; they are real, they are from the heart and they speak the truth of The Maples at the Sonatas. Happy Anniversary and a toast to many, many more blogs.


  2. Thank you for your kind words, Jan. You are right that I am speaking from my heart. I love it here. And I’m glad you’ve found your way to our community, too.


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