Month: October 2013

Final Construction Update for Building 3

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It’s a gloomy, rainy Halloween here at Maples at the Sonatas. But the weather isn’t likely to dampen the spirits of the two couples who are closing on their new homes in Building 3 today. That’s right. A Canterbury and an Abbey are finished and ready to welcome their owners. The other two homes will be done in about two weeks. Here are some of the finishing steps that have been completed in the last […]

A Maples Halloween

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Social Life

It was frightful. It was delightful. It was chilling. Well, make that chili.  It was our Maples Halloween Chili Fest. It featured 12 different kinds of homemade chili. It featured 31 homeowners and four almost-owners who will close, appropriately, on Halloween. It featured costumes ranging from the gruesome to the ridiculous, with a lot of spooky creativity on display. It was fun, Maples style. And speaking of the Maples, check out these most appropriate costumes. […]

Construction Update

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I’ve fallen behind on my updates on the construction of Building 3, a quad being built next door to me. It’s not that I’ve lost interest. It’s more because so much of the action has moved inside. From watching the contractors’ vehicles, I know a lot has been going on in there. I’ve spotted electricians, plumbers, gas company workers, HVAC men, dry wallers, painters, and, of course, building inspectors from the city. And I sure […]

Fifty Shades of Beige

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Home Elements/Decorating

Accent walls have been all the rage in my neighborhood the past year or so. First, they appeared in the professionally decorated model homes here at Maples at the Sonatas. The next thing I knew, they cropped up in a few of my friends’ homes. From there, the trend took off. We visit each other’s homes, paint chips in hand. We ponder the endless shades and combinations. We exchange the business cards of our favorite […]

Author Visit Brings Butterfly Moment to Book Club

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Neighbors / Social Life

…she came into my life softly and unexpectedly and briefly, but inspired a metamorphosis. – from The Butterfly Sister by Amy Gail Hansen It was a banner day for our Maples Book Club—the biggest one in our two-year history. Nineteen women gathered around a large table—our guest author, Amy Gail Hansen; 16 members; another guest/prospective buyer; and our sales assistant, who came in on her day off. It was our largest turnout, our first visit […]

A Beautiful Place to Live

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A delightful surprise was waiting in my email this morning. Thanks to my neighbor, Lorraine, who was up early with her camera. We awoke to lightning and rain this morning, then enjoyed the briefest burst of sun before the day turned cloudy and gray. Lorraine caught that fleeting moment of early-morning sun and was thoughtful enough to share it. What a beautiful place to live, her message said. So gorgeous and peaceful. I couldn’t agree […]