Construction as a Spectator Sport

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Thank you, Wilcox Communities, for the free entertainment today! It’s always fun watching the construction process, but there is no better day than the one when the crane comes in to set trusses for the roof of a new home. And that’s what is happening this afternoon. A lot of action, a little danger, some drama — many of us homeowners drop what we are doing to watch the show.

When I began taking pictures, one of the workers asked if I was shooting a video for U-Tube. That would have been fun if I knew how to edit video, but I don’t. For today, I stayed with photography. So here is my layperson’s view of the process of setting roof trusses.

You begin with the trusses in piles on the ground.


Then you use a forklift to move them where the crane can reach them.


Next you attach the crane’s cable to them. Be careful so they are balanced and don’t go swinging around and hit something.

attaching cable

Here’s the guy who operates the crane. He needs to be really, really good at his job.

crane operator

The crane hoists the truss into the air…

lift off

…way high into the air.

up high

Be careful.  Don’t hit Tim and Dee’s home.


Then the crane lowers the truss until workers can guide it into place.

lower into place

Ah, success! Go ahead and smile!smile

You nailed it!

nailed it

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