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Household Lions

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According to Twitter, today is World Lion Day. If there’s any animal deserving of its own day, surely it would be king of the beasts. Aren’t they gorgeous? I would have loved to visit these guys today, but my schedule didn’t allow for a trip to Brookfield Zoo. And it really wasn’t necessary to drive a couple of hours anyway. I have two of their smaller cousins, household-size lions, living with me. So I called […]

Snow, Snowed, Snowing

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This time the forecast was right on. Several days ago, the weather man began talking about significant snow heading our way. When I woke up yesterday, a heavy snow warning had been issued. The disturbance was even given a name, Winter Storm Bella. And yesterday at 6 pm, precisely the time predicted, the flakes began falling. Snow fell fast and furiously—at times more than an inch per hour. City snow plows and our snow contractor, […]

Visitors from Above

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I can’t remember the last time I saw a hot air balloon from my home. They are a rare, but beautifully welcome, sight around here. Sadly, I didn’t see the one that flew over late Sunday afternoon. The best I can remember, I was home at the time, so I’m not sure why I missed it. But my neighbors, Diana and Bill, were enjoying the early November warmth in their screened-in porch and noticed the […]

Meet Me at The Rat Hole

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Here’s another glimpse into Woodstock’s colorful past. I wish The Rat Hole still existed. What fun it would be to drop in for a drink and rehash last night’s Republican candidates’ debate. Many things have changed since the 1800’s, but apparently politics is not one of them. This is the earliest known photograph of Woodstock. The east side of the Square along Benton Street is depicted, circa late 1840s. The “Rat Hole” saloon is shown […]

Autumn in Phase 3

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It’s a beautiful fall day in Maples at the Sonatas. I’ve begun posts like this before, and probably will again, because our community is lovely during all of the four seasons. But today is an exceptional, bright, peaceful Sunday. It’s the kind of day that begs for photos to look back on when the winter snows begin to fly. Before you read farther, you may want to take another look at this post from October […]