A Bear for All Seasons

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When Diana and Bob moved into their Portico, they couldn’t find just the right spot in their new home for the large stuffed bear they had brought with them. So their furry brown conversation piece moved to the entryway of our community clubhouse.

I have to admit, the bear was rather intimidating at first, standing over five feet tall on his hind legs. Many of us were a little startled when we walked in the door and unexpectedly saw him just a few feet away.

It wasn’t too long, though, before someone tied a scarf around his neck. Suddenly, the bear looked friendlier. The next logical step was giving him a complete outfit. And shortly after he began wearing clothes, the bear was accepted as our mascot.

The final step was changing his outfit to fit the various seasons and holidays. Over the past year, Linda, Ollie, and Jody have all served as bear costumers. Their work has been amazingly creative, as you will see in these pictures.


  1. Sue Kazlusky says

    These are wonderful. Makes me realize that I need to get out more or at least see more of our mascot!
    Sue Kaz


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