Dog Day Afternoon

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Neighbors / Pictures

It was mid-afternoon of a beautiful, 70-degree day. But I was inside yesterday, on the phone with my brother and sister-in-law, talking long distance, as we used to call it. As we chatted, I glanced out a window and saw four neighbors and three dogs gathered near my patio. I rather abruptly ended the phone call, telling my family I needed to go outside and talk with some neighbors.

Needed might seem like too strong a word, but it was accurate. That morning I had taken my elderly mother and her terminally ill cat to the vet; the cat did not come home. It had been a long, painful, stressful week. So I literally needed the sympathy I knew I would receive from my friends. And I needed to watch the dogs romp in the sunshine, to feel their fur and pet their healthy, wriggling bodies.


Maples at the Sonatas is indeed a dog friendly—make that, pet friendly—community. Many of us share our homes with four-legged family members. We know and greet our neighbor dogs when they are out walking with their owners. And our dogs even have friendships with each other, much as their people do.

Our Epcon homes are well suited for pets. With the attached models, there is an option for a fence that encloses the patio and allows dogs to enjoy the outside without being leashed. The unattached homes, of course, come with a courtyard that is a great outdoor space for pets. When one of my neighbors purchased her Portico, she requested that the courtyard be secured for her cat. Now Fruitti spends many happy hours in the safety of her courtyard.

Our love for our pets is never more evident than at our annual Pooch Plunge. Each September, we come together to celebrate the last day of the swimming season by opening the pool to our dogs. Our sales team of Carol and Kathy came up with the concept two years ago and continue to organize the event, which is one of our most popular social gatherings. Our builder, Jamie Wilcox, and staff members who work here bring their families and dogs too.

But I am not going to tell you any more about the Pooch Plunge right now. I’m looking forward to blogging about it in the fall.

Instead, let me share pictures of some of my four-legged neighbors. A few of the photos are from last year’s Pooch Plunge, while the others were taken as recently as yesterday. I hope you will enjoy our Maples Menagerie.

Note: To my neighbors whose dogs are not included, let me assure you that your pet is just as cute and loveable as these. It’s only that I don’t have a picture yet.

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