Kittens—the Good, the Bad, the Cute

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The doctor tapped on the door of the examination room and walked in. He shook my hand as usual, then paused and said, “Caryl, what have you done?”

It was a good question, and it came from a man who knows me well. Dr. C. has taken wonderful care of my cats since the ’80s. I consider him a friend as well as a veterinarian.

That morning my friend was a bit perplexed, perhaps a little concerned, when I showed up with two 12-week-old kittens. He was aware of my long history with adult and senior cats. But he was nice enough not to point out that an older cat would have been a better choice for someone my age.

I tried to reassure him that all was well, that I knew what I was doing. He examined them, gave them each a kitten shot, and sent us home with two diagnoses of  “healthy kitten.”


Believe me, there have been plenty of times over the past three months that Dr. C’s question has popped into my mind. What exactly have I done? Were these two rambunctious kittens going to keep me young or drive me crazy?

The answer, it turns out, is a bit of both. They are a confusing combination of naughty and nice. Alternately angels and demons, they often morph from one to the other with no warning.

I find myself saying things like:

Get off that… (cable box, pillow, table, elephant)






Other times I find myself saying:

Stop (attacking my feet, putting mice in my bed) right now

gracie attacks



Of course, they have committed other offenses that I don’t have photos of. I was too busy protecting my possessions, hurrying to the storage closet with my sunroom drapes, shag rug, shower curtain and rod, swag on my bedroom wall, swag on my living room wall. Then there are the smaller items that I’ve stashed on top of the grandfather clock.

Yes, sometimes these kittens drive me crazy. Sometimes I miss the fragile possessions that are stored away for safe keeping. Sometimes I get tired of trying to outsmart a 5-pound, furry ball of energy.

But then Gracie and Joy always do something so sweet that all is forgiven and forgotten. I haven’t managed to get a picture of one—or both!—of them curled up on my lap. Their warm, soft bodies and cheerful purrs make everything better. Here are a few other moments of kitten sweetness.





Finally, I have to say that whether their behavior is good or bad, these kittens are never boring. To end this post, here’s a short video showing how entertaining they can be.











  1. Barb Martin says

    How much fun can a sheet of crumpled paper be? Why does it take 2 kittens to show us how wonderful the simple things in life are and the pure joy and pleasure they bring. Thank you for sharing and bringing back childhood memories of simpler times when all we had was our imagination to fuel our ability to have fun. Echoes of “Red rover,red rover,” or Ghosts in the graveyard were played out to the sounds of laughter. Life was Kitten simple then.


    • Theresa lawson gmail says

      Just wish i could do what you did ! I do have a rescue (feral) little guy my son (who has 4) gifted me last year. I would love a kit or pup but feel it would be “cruel” at my advanced yrs to leave them to be adopted by whomever ?! God bless you, tho’ hope all your days with these 2 black beauties are ever joyful !


  2. Jan D Amico says

    So glad you are retired, Caryl, to be able to capture these precious moments. There are times when listening to your inner voice is just the right thing to do, even when you don’t think you are ready. “Joy” and “Grace” are the perfect names for these two cuties. Seeing them together, being free to just be themselves, has to be such an affirmation that your “leap of faith” was exactly what each of you needed.


  3. Judith Doyle says

    I’m still rolling on the floor laughing at that video! Those 2 toddlers are bundles energy & lots of love! You couldn’t have found better names for these 2 angels as they certainly bring your life Joy & Grace. Thank you for this wonderful post & the pictures! You’ve made my day for sure!


  4. Barb Triphahn says

    So, so cute! Best therapy for a miserable winter day is to have two kittens who bring joy, grace and laughter into Home Sweet Abbey.


  5. Susan Severance says

    What a fun video to watch.

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