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Maybe it’s the sunshine today. Or the bluest of skies, or the vibrant colors of October. If there is such a thing as a photogenic fall day, this is one of the best we’ve had.

I couldn’t wait to put on my walking shoes and grab my camera. I was on a mission. I would wander our community, snapping photos of anything that caught my eye. I would try to use little details to capture the big picture of this glorious fall day in my neighborhood.


Our community garden has completed its main task of growing veggies, but its flowers are more beautiful than ever.

flowergardenOur trees are the most delightful colors today.


I head out to our new construction area, Phase 3. Along the way, I stop to notice that even weeds have a kind of beauty.


In Phase 3, I find workers preparing to build new homes.


Out there, I’m surrounded by familiar sights and sounds from my childhood, those of farm equipment working the fields during harvest time. Of course, we’re growing homes here, not crops. But in this photo, I could swear I was back home. See the John Deere in the foreground and the silos and farm buildings in the background?


After my moment of nostalgia, I start back home. When I’m nearly there, I spot Jane out walking her cat, Reggie. In their previous home, he was allowed outdoors, and he is having trouble adjusting to our citified ways. He still goes outside now, but only on a leash.


After chatting with them, I return home. At my front door, I turn and snap the view from my patio. And a lovely one it is!


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