Autumn in Phase 3

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It’s a beautiful fall day in Maples at the Sonatas.

I’ve begun posts like this before, and probably will again, because our community is lovely during all of the four seasons. But today is an exceptional, bright, peaceful Sunday. It’s the kind of day that begs for photos to look back on when the winter snows begin to fly.

Before you read farther, you may want to take another look at this post from October of last year. You will find pictures of fall color in the established parts of the Maples. Today’s post concentrates on autumn views in Phase 3, our newest area, one that is very much under construction at this time.

Some of the new homes will back up to a line of existing trees, like this golden maple.


It’s too late to nestle up to this particular tree, though. The two couples who will live by it close on their homes within the month.

But there are other sites still available that will offer lovely views of a different kind. Think beauty, think nature, think peace.

phase3 reflections

You would not realize how close we are to the heart of Woodstock when you see this view.

phase3 farm

Come on out to visit while our autumn weather holds. You’re always welcome.

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