Month: January 2014

Hunkering Down, Part 2

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This morning, Mark, one of my Facebook friends, updated his status to read: I think I’ve used the word ‘hunker’ more in the last 30 days than I’ve used it in my entire life. Me too, Mark. Me too. When I wrote about our extremely cold weather three weeks ago, I thought it was a unique event worthy of a post. So I wrote The Fine Art of Hunkering Down. But here we are again […]

Why Woodstock?

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I moved to Woodstock, IL, in 1970, at age 23, for a good reason. I had landed my first adult job, as an English teacher at Woodstock High School. Woodstock was, at the time, a town of 10,000 people. Located 10 miles south of the Wisconsin border, it was — and I guess to some degree still is —  more rural than suburban. We are the second to the last stop on the northwestern commuter […]

Neighbors, Friends, Family

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I ended a recent post with this phrase: my neighbors, who also happen to be my friends. That statement remains true, even more so. In the past few days, I’ve learned that my neighbors are also my family. Here’s how that happened. A friend and I stepped out of a movie theater Friday afternoon into a hard, driving rain. But there was no noticeable ice, and the forecast had been for temperatures to rise. Three […]

The Fine Art of Hunkering Down

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By now, you may have seen this morning’s ugly numbers in Woodstock, IL: temperature -18 wind chill -43 Today we have no school, no public library, no garbage pickup, no shopping in my favorite stores. And at Maples at the Sonatas: no Wilcox staff, no construction workers, no potential buyers. Almost no people or vehicles to be seen outside. I’ve lost track of how much snow we have on the ground because it has fallen […]

Happy New Year from Home Sweet Abbey

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I wish we could “pause” time like we can a video, or even live TV. If it were possible, I’d be hitting and holding that pause button today, on January 1, 2014. To me, there is nothing more full of hope than a fresh start, a blank page, an opportunity for a do-over. New Year’s Day gives us those gifts. If the day fell in any season other than winter, it would be perfect. But […]