Starry, Starry Night

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Some experiences are so grand that they beg to be shared with others. That is why I was happy to see 15 or so neighbors gather in our pool area at midnight last night. We were there to enjoy another Maples first—a Perseid meteor shower watch. Thank you to Sylvia for coming up with the concept and organizing it.

After the pool lights went out, the others became dark shapes wrapped in blankets lying back on chaise lounges. There were quiet murmurs of conversation, a little laughter, and lots of silence.

I was wrapped in peace in addition to my blanket, enthralled by the vastness of the star-spangled sky and the constellations with their ancient mythological names. Even without the occasional streaking meteor, it would have been a magical, magnificent experience.

In terms of the number of meteors, the night wasn’t perfect. It was never predicted to be a peak viewing time. Tonight and tomorrow night will almost surely have more meteor activity; however, clouds are expected to obscure the sky both nights.

Sometimes, not quite perfect is still more than good enough. And sometimes, it’s more than wonderful being a tiny speck under the immense canopy of the heavens.

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