Sunshine and Flowers and Peace and Love…oh, my!

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It was a far out, groovy morning at Maples at the Sonatas as we gathered for our third annual Flower Power event. It’s no secret that we love a reason to share a cup of coffee and socialize. And if there’s one thing we love even more, it’s getting something free. Yesterday, that was flowers.

It was our sales consultant, Carol Lyons, who started this event and nicknamed it Flower Power. The name is catchy and fitting for a town called Woodstock and a community mostly populated by people who spent their youth in the Age of Aquarius.

So when we arrived yesterday, here is what we found in the area near our swimming pool. Actually, this is only part of the beautiful array of flowers there. And best of all, they were a gift for us, annuals to take home and plant.


Some of the happy homeowners posed for a pictorial thank you to those who made Flower Power possible.

neighbors flowers

Thank you to Wilcox Communities for giving the owners of each home a free flat of annuals. With many of us planting this weekend, our neighborhood soon will bloom with Flower Power.

Thank you to Joe Langton of Langton Group for ordering and delivering the 60 flats of flowers and for joining us yesterday morning.

Thank you to Carol for hosting the event and making the arrangements with Joe.

Young and old alike enjoyed themselves.

old & young

Everything about the day appealed to my inner hippie. The sunshine and flowers and the peaceful, easy feeling took me back to my youth. The next thing I knew, I was looking through old pictures to find one of myself taken back in the day. And just for company, I asked a couple of friends for pictures too. Neighbors, do you recognize us? We haven’t changed a bit!

Joe Sylviacaryl 70s

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