Month: April 2013

If You Build Them, They Will Come

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Growth/Sales / Neighbors

It’s hard to say who enjoyed yesterday’s Maples at the Sonatas Spring Tour of Homes more. Was it (a) the visitors who toured the five private homes and four models? Or maybe (b) the sales staff who created another successful event? Or possibly (c) the owners who opened their homes? Carol and Kathy, our sales staff, were certainly happy. An estimated 120 people walked though the homes, resulting in a number of good prospects and […]

Dog Day Afternoon

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Neighbors / Pictures

It was mid-afternoon of a beautiful, 70-degree day. But I was inside yesterday, on the phone with my brother and sister-in-law, talking long distance, as we used to call it. As we chatted, I glanced out a window and saw four neighbors and three dogs gathered near my patio. I rather abruptly ended the phone call, telling my family I needed to go outside and talk with some neighbors. Needed might seem like too strong […]

Meet Our Maples Pioneers

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Even relatively new communities like ours have a history, albeit a short one. When I get curious about the good old days, I turn to our pioneers, Bud and Elly. They moved in five years ago last month, when only one other home was occupied. Those very first residents are no longer here, leaving Bud and Elly our longest tenured homeowners. Like many of my neighbors, Bud and Elly moved to Woodstock to be near […]

Sounds of Silence

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Growth/Sales / Mostly Musings

Maples at the Sonatas is usually a nice, quiet place. Visitors and newcomers often comment on it. The rest of us have come to take the tranquility for granted. But we shouldn’t. Being able to hear yourself think is a wonderful thing and all too rare. We are a peaceful enclave, 24 acres carved from The Sonatas, a larger, separate subdivision of mostly two-story, single-family homes. But once I drive down Schumann St. into our […]

A Full House and Four of a Kind

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Social Life

Our Spring Brunch potluck yesterday produced several firsts for Maples at the Sonatas. We had our largest turnout ever for a social event—42 people. Planned and hosted by our sales team of Kathy and Carol, it began as an expanded version of our monthly Coffee and Conversation and grew into a sprawling, sociable gathering that overflowed our seating capacity. But everyone was having such a good time that no one seemed to mind. When our […]

Sales Go BOOM!

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It was obvious that something big was going on. So often during the past month, I would look out a window and see a lot more cars than usual in the parking lot by our clubhouse. There were also more people walking around the neighborhood, either with Kathy, our sales assistant, or on their own, studying maps and heading from one model to the next. Yesterday, near the end of her workday, I finally managed […]