Saturday, Caturday

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Hi! Gracie here. Can we talk?

Yeah? Great!

My sister, Joy, and I are taking over this blog. At least for today. Mom hasn’t written for a loooong time. She says she can’t figure out what to say.

But we have a lot to say, so she told us to go for it. Okay, we will.

Oh, here’s Joy.

Hi, I’m Joy. I’m up here supervising the kitchen. Mainly, I’m on the lookout for MICE. We never found one here in the kitchen yet, but… we could. You have to stay alert.

Gracie: Yeah, we caught — AND KILLED— 2 mice in the office. Here, I’ll show you.

This was our first one. It was for practice. See how DEAD it is?

But get ready. There’s a BFD coming next.

Joy: Gracie, watch your language. How do you even know there’s such a word as BFD?

Gracie: I learned it on TV. When Mom and I were watching the other night. You were sleeping, but Mom and I saw this RIP.


Gracie: Really important program. It was very, very serious. I don’t think you believe me, so I’ll show you. SEE? Don’t we look serious?

Joy: Yeah, you do.

Okay… Now can we get back to the mice? Here’s a picture of our biggest kill so far. If there are any children or squeamish humans with you, make them look away. Seriously.

Gracie: Joy, that was REALLY fun. But let’s not give the readers the wrong idea of us. We are very sweet, gentle cats. Most of the time…

Except, maybe, that one time that Barb came over. Remember?

Joy: ‘Course I do. That was fun too! Wanna see what we did, Readers? Okay…

Gracie: That was a long time ago. See how we were only half-grown? We wouldn’t do that now. Would we??

Joy: Hmmmm. Let’s show the readers how good we are almost all the time. Okay?

Gracie: This might take a while. I’m having trouble finding any……….

Wait. Here’s me waiting patiently for Mom to take away my empty dish and give me more food. In a clean dish. I didn’t nag or anything. Just waited like a GG. I mean, a good girl.

Joy: That’s very sweet of you. And here’s one of me supervising the window washer. I helped Mom a lot that day. She said so.

Gracie: GG, Joy! And here we’re helping Mom choose a book to read.

Joy: Um… Mom didn’t think this was too helpful. Let’s skip right over this one.

Grace: Okay. Because I have another idea. Mom always calls us her good kitties when we are getting ready for a nap. Don’t we just look like a couple of GGs in these pictures?

Joy: Yeah, we do look cute and sweet and adorable. Let’s stop right here while the readers are going ……… AWWWWWWW!


  1. Barb Martin says

    Oh Caryl, you do bring back such fun sweet memories. I am so looking forward to that cup of coffee on the front porch, when we finally can. Can’t wait to see the girls in person. I’m sure they have been more than just company for you during this difficult time. Just think, if everyone owned a cat or dog, what a wonderful world this would be. People would be gentler, kinder and more tolerant of each other. Animals teach us these things. It is good to read your blog and see how well behaved the girls have turned out…..thanks to you! Looking forward to spring and the lifting of restrictions. See you soon. Great story.


  2. Barb says

    I should have addressed my response to Gracie and Joy since they are taking over the blog. Toooo cute. They are the closest thing to watching your kids grow up.

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  3. Judith Doyle says

    Love to Joy & Gracie for their eggg-cellent blog! What fun! I tried showing it to Cali & Lily but Cali just walked away & Lily tried to attack my phone & eat it! They just don’t appreciate a good blog! I hope more will be forthcoming from those two mischievous girls! I miss seeing them & you too! Can’t wait until we can get together again!


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