Kitten Talk

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Joy: Hi there, humans. It’s okay. You’re not bothering us. We’re awake, just lounging here.

Wanna know something? A secret? Then come a little closer.


Yeah, that’s better. You ready for the secret? Lean in nice and close so I can whisper it.

People can’t tell us apart.

I know. Crazy. Sisters are supposed to look alike, right? Sometimes humans can be so dense.

Gracie: Joy, I love humans. ‘Specially Mom. What’s dense mean? Cuz I don’t think it’s a nice word.

Joy: It’s okay, Sweetie. They know what I mean.

Joy: Humans, take a good look at us here. It’s obvious who’s who, right?



Joy: No? Really? Okay, then here are some hints to help you.

√ Here’s an easy one. Gracie’s body is a little shorter than mine, and so are her legs.

Gracie: Joy, I’m shooortt? Oh, no. I’m not a runt, am I? Everyone says I’m cute as can be.

Joy: Honey, you are cute as can be. You started out as a runt, but you haven’t been one for a long time. We both weigh the same now, right? And everyone says you are a-dor-able. Whatever that is.

Gracie: But you can jump on the kitchen counters, and I can’t. I’ve tried so hard, but I can’t.

Joy: You will someday, Sweetheart. For now, if I see something good up there, I’ll knock it off so you can have some too. Promise. Besides, I get in trouble with the humans when I go on the counters… or on top of the cabinets. But they think you’re a good kitty because you stay down.


Joy: Here’s another way to tell us apart. Gracie has some white hairs on the top of her neck, kind of like a lacy collar. There are few white hairs in the same place on me, but not as many. Got it?

Yeah, I know, that only works if you can see us at the same time. But don’t worry. We are together a lot. We do EVERYTHING together. 

Gracie: Joy, I’m going to the litter box. You wanna come with me? No? Then let’s go eat. Or play. Or take a nap.

Joy: In a minute, Honey. I’m almost done here.

Joy: Here’s a really good way to tell us apart. Gracie has a little white spot on her upper chest. I don’t.

Gracie: Joy, is that why humans like to lift our heads up and stare at our chests? I guess it’s okay if they are gentle, but it seems kinda weird.

Joy: To be honest, I get tired of them doing that all the time. But I guess it’s better than getting called the wrong name.

Gracie: Joy, don’t you think Gracie is a good name? Really? I like it.

Joy: Of course, Honey, it’s a very good name. I like it too. It’s just not my name. Besides, you have two names, Grace and Gracie. And I only have one.

Gracie: I’m sorry, Joy. Would you like another name too? I could call you Joy-ie.

Joy: Um, no thanks. I think I’ll just keep my one name.

Joy: Humans, here is my last tip for telling us apart. Mom says that Gracie has a rounder face than I do. To tell you the truth, I don’t see it. But Mom is really smart so I’m sure she’s right.

Gracie: Joy, I don’t see it either. We both have fluffy fur so our faces are fluffy, so how can you tell whose fluffy face is rounder? We are fluffy all over. I think it’s fun being fluffy, don’t you, Joy? I love saying fluffy. Fluffy. Fluffy. Fluffy. The humans say we are beau-ti-ful. Do you think we are?

Joy: Oh, gosh, yes, Honey. We are gor-geous. Mom says we are beau-ti-ful inside and out. 

Gracie: Mom has seen our insides? Really? When? Oh, I know. When we went to the doctor and he shaved our bellies and made a little cut. Did he take a picture of our insides?

Joy: Um, no, I don’t think so. I think what Mom means is that she loves us very much.

Gracie: Oh. Well, ‘course she does. Just like we love her, right?

Joy: Right. [yawn] I’m tired from all this talking. Wanna take a nap?

Gracie: Sure do, Joy-ie!




  1. Marcia Koshollek says

    I really love this column! I have a dear friend in Saskatchewan (Arlene Martin) who often writes a WordPress blog about many subjects, including her many beloved cats.Her father-in-law (now deceased) was my father’s best friend in high school in Wisconsin. They drove an old Ford to the World’s Fair in NYC and ran out of money. A farmer in IL gave them enough money for gas to get home. Willie Martin moved to Canada when he married a Canadian gal after WWII. We visited Saskatchewan when my sisters and I were young. The Martins had a farm, so it was our first experience of drinking milk from a cow (warm and unpasteurized). Ick! Arlene and her husband just retired after selling off their huge canola farm acreage to Wesson Oil. I am going to share YOUR cat column with Arlene. Here is her blog address:


  2. Barb Martin says

    I live vicariously through you and the girls. Reading your blog takes me back to the days when my pets were so special to me. Three out of four grand kids have allergies to cats and dogs, hence the reason for no pets at this time. Joy and Gracie are so lucky to have you as their cat mom. It seems like all you have to do is look at them and you can’t help but smile and feel warm and fuzzy. Let me know if the girls ever need a sitter. I will be happy to oblige.


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