A Wine Lovers’ Haven

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Home Elements/Decorating

My neighbor, Sue, is too modest to allow me to call her a wine expert. So let’s just say, she has pursued an interest in the field for quite a few years and has learned a lot along the way. She and her husband, Mike, have a large collection of wines and a large library of books related to it.

When they began planning their new home here at Maples at the Sonatas, they knew they wanted to include an area dedicated to all things wine. Fortunately, our Epcon homes offer the flexibility to accommodate all kinds of hobbies and interests. Sue and Mike found the Promenade model perfect for their needs.

When you enter the home from the garage, there is a small storage room on one side of the hallway and a closet on the other. The area is marked in red on the diagram below.


Sue and Mike asked that the doors of the closet not be installed. That left a space for Mike’s talented brother to convert into this wine area:


Across the hall, the other half of their wine setup looks like this:



This past week, Sue invited members of the Maples book club to her home after our meeting. In the photo below, Sue (on the left) shares a toast with Maureen, who leads the club.


We sipped wonderful wine, enjoyed tasty snacks, and enjoyed each other’s company. What a welcome addition Sue and Mike are to our community!

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