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One of my favorite parts of spring is all of its new beginnings. Flowers reappear from the soil and bloom again. Or they are planted for the first time, sharing color and fragrance from their very beginning. Baby animals come into the world. Trees begin another year by putting on their loveliest blossoms. Like this one.


And it’s not only nature celebrating new beginnings. The Maples is all about new beginnings too. For as long as we remain a community under construction, we will offer folks new beginnings, whether it’s a new home or a new home in a new town.

If you are looking for a do-over in your life, you can find that here. Choose a brand new, never-been-lived-in-before home, perhaps for your first time ever. Come surround yourself with people who know nothing about who or what you have been. Then reveal as much or as little as you want as you make friends.

There is a beauty in new construction. It’s not exactly like trees or flowers or puppies. It’s more about angles and symmetry and rising profiles. It is a fleeting beauty because most of it will be covered up during the building process. But it is to be enjoyed in its brief moment, much like the blossoms in the photo above.



Oh, yes, the lumber smells great too! It’s an aroma that will last for months after you move in.


Breathe deeply. This is the smell of home.


  1. Bob and Maureen says

    Well done as always. I read that you will be in the sales office for awhile. Best of luck to you. Your enthusiasm for our community is apparent, so you will probably make many sales. Do you know if the Parade of Homes is still scheduled for May 20th? Maureen



  2. Judi says

    Wonderful piece! You just can’t beat springtime in the Maples! You are our best community advocate! Judi


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