A Matter of Cat-sonalities

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Just for Fun

To me, there’s nothing more interesting than living with a cat… unless it’s living with two cats. Just as people have their own personalities, so do cats. And with my girls, the contrasts are fascinating.

Let me show you what I mean. Here is a photo of each, taken in the same room at nearly the same time this morning.

Angie is self-assured and entitled. Nothing is too good for her. She can be friendly and affectionate, but only on her own terms.


Here is what I imagine she is saying: These new sheets pass the test. They will do just fine. What? You say they cost $90? Fine. Nothing is too good for me. I deserve to be comfortable. (editor’s note: that is $90 before coupons.)


At the same time, Shadow is lying on the floor near the bedroom door. She is shy, unassuming, and terribly sweet. Once she warms up to someone, she is their best friend forever.


Here is what I think she might be saying: Thank you very much for this catnip toy. It is my favorite, and I take it wherever I go. No, I don’t mind that it is used. I know someone originally bought it for another cat. Hand-me-downs are OK. I’m glad it was left behind for me.


Both are fabulous companions, without a doubt. But do I have a favorite?

Seriously, would you ask me that if they were my children?

No, I didn’t think so.


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